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  • Bernizeck//Glitchachu


    Communicatooor, artist, curious

  • Joana Borges Late

    Joana Borges Late

    I am interested in computer programming and production of browser games. Also I am a fan of https://www.bobsprite.com

  • Kaloh


    I write about NFT art https://www.kaloh.xyz

  • Domenico Nicoli

    Domenico Nicoli

    Tech Lead @iSolutions (Microsoft Stack)| iOS Developer| @DevGenius & @CryptoStars Founder| Parma, Italy 🇮🇹 https://linkedin.com/in/domenico-nicoli-5738ba15a

  • Sophia Wood

    Sophia Wood

    Math obsessed, tinkering, artsy fartsy perpetual asker of why and random task penguin.Posting poetry, code, math, and art. find me at https://fractalkitty.com/

  • Brix Boston

    Brix Boston

    Professional musician and rapper side hustling as an amateur blogger. I write about Hip Hop, Music, Art and Technology. ◆ https://brix.hiphop

  • Giorgos Myrianthous

    Giorgos Myrianthous

    Machine Learning Engineer — I talk about Python, Data and MLOps

  • Alisha Joshi

    Alisha Joshi

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