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Welcome readers from ◎ Your Guide to the Mechanics of Creativity


Our first foray into creativity was quite the ride! We went from dresser drawers and bullets to DNA and consciousness! All this and more as we explored the terms of the Creativity Framework with respect to hierarchy including CONTEXT (what is above a node) and CONTENT (what is below a node). We saw that we ANALYZE to break things into aspects and SYNTHESIZE to join things for a new perspect(ive). So if you missed that, please pop on back to ◎ Your Guide to the Mechanics of Creativity and gain some context!

Common Creativity Phrases

Demonstration of creative expressions using the Framework

A ◈ We have all heard the terms used to help guide creativity:

Think Outside the Box

Exercise Lateral Thinking

Ooo, it’s a Paradigm Shift

Take a Mental Leap!

Here we will use the Framework to show you that these phrases all mean the same thing. Luckily we have a bunch of nested boxes so that will certainly help with the first phrase, OUTSIDE THE BOX. Here we have broken down transportation into a bunch of subcategories:

Thinking outside the box

B ◈ We are taking a car… taking a car… taking a car… unless… we think outside the box and look around. What if we take a bike or a bus! By the way, the video advert for the Framework has a good message for us:

C ◈ What about LATERAL THINKING? Well, luckily, the Framework showed different diagrams that all represent the same hierarchy of organization. So we can switch to our traditional hierarchy…



Dr Abstract

Inventor, Founder of ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework and Nodism, Professor of Interactive Media at Sheridan, Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator

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