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Let’s get you coding in this very first paragraph! Type or paste the code below into a simple and press TEST to make a draggable circle! You can do it, it is just one or two clicks and you are coding.


Tutorial from start to finish!

Interactive NFT called on hic et nunc

Background — What Are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which means that ownership of something such as digital art can be stored on the blockchain and can not be altered. The art can be sold and re-sold for cryptocurrency and a percentage of each sale goes to the creator…

Beyond Processing / p5.js

An Invite from Dr Abstract, Founder of ZIM

We would like to invite you to make art tools and apps. This is a win-win situation where you empower others to make art and still make art yourself. Before replying, I already do this! Please read on…

I am sure that you have made (or seen) digital art where…

Your Guide to

Hierarchy revisited in this age of Object Oriented Programming

Welcome readers from ◎

Isomorphisms of Hierarchy Used Crazy Carpet Mural — Hamilton Canada 2015 — Dan Zen


Nodism is a philosophy born from Object Oriented Programming but accessible to all. …


As Adobe discontinues support for the Flash plugin

to convert Animate and Flash files to ZIM

In December 2020, Adobe will officially stop supporting the Flash plugin.

Adobe Animate (formerly Adobe Flash) exports to HTML 5 as CreateJS. is a JavaScript library built for the HTML Canvas. is a JavaScript framework that adds conveniences, components and controls to CreateJS. …


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Creating with Combinations (Composition)

Your Guide To

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Our first foray into creativity was quite the ride! We went from dresser drawers and bullets to DNA and consciousness! All this and more as we explored the terms of the with respect to hierarchy including CONTEXT…

Your Guide to

and The Dan Zen Museum

Well, if all the drones have tickets, maybe we should get one too!

Your Guide to

Welcome readers from ◎

An excerpt from the by Dan Zen

This guide is one of five parts. Please start with ◎ and then after reading below, follow with◎ , ◎ and…

Dr Abstract

Inventor, Founder of ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework and Nodism, Professor of Interactive Media at Sheridan, Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator

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